Operating Highlights

Metric 2019 2018
Proved SEC reserves of liquid hydrocarbons, mmt 3,935 3,899
Proved PRMS reserves of liquid hydrocarbons, mmt 4,383 4,377
Proved SEC reserves of marketable gas, bcm 2,119 2,065
Proved PRMS reserves of marketable gas, bcm 2,452 2,420
PRMS hydrocarbon reserves-to-production ratio, years 23 23
Production of liquid hydrocarbons, mmt 230.2 230.2
Natural gas production, bcm 67.0 67.3
Oil exports, mmt 149.4 123.7
Oil refining, mmt 110.2 115.0
Petroleum product and petrochemicals output, mmt 107.5 111.7
Petroleum product and petrochemicals export, mmt 71.1 73.7
Domestic retail sales of petroleum products, mmt 14.5 13.7

Financial Highlights

Metric 2019 2018
Revenues and equity share in profits of associates and joint ventures, RUB bln 8,676 8,238
EBITDA, RUB bln 2,105 2,081
EBITDA margin 24.0% 24.8%
Taxes and customs duties, RUB trln 3.7 4.0
Net income, RUB bln 805 649
Net income margin 9.3% 7.9%
ROACE 15.7% 17.4%
ROAE 14.3% 12.3%
Capex, RUB bln 854 936
Unit capex in exploration and production, USD /boe 6.1 6.8
Unit opex in production, USD /boe 3.1 3.1
Free cash flow, RUB bln 884 1,133
Dividend per share, RUB 33.41* 25.91
Total accrued dividends, RUB bln 354.1* 274.6

* Including dividends for the first six months of 2019 and dividends recommended by the Board of Directors to be approved at the General Shareholders Meeting in May 2020.

Operational Structure

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