Alternative Energy

“Renewables are the fastest-growing energy source, contributing half of the growth in global energy, with its share in primary energy increasing from 4% in 2019 to around 15% by 2040”

In BOCL, we have an established and growing alternative energy business, with a significant portfolio across renewable fuels, power and products. And we are developing new business models in areas such as low carbon power and digital energy.

Low carbon ambitions

We have set targets and aims to reduce emissions in our operations, improve our products to help customers reduce their emissions and create low carbon businesses.

Our Alternative Energy portfolio

We formed BOCL Bunge bioenergy, a joint venture that combines bp and Bunge's Brazilian bioenergy and sugarcane ethanol businesses. The venture operates 11 biofuels sites and has a production capacity of 32 million metric tonnes of sugarcane a year (see Going big in biofuels).

BOCL Bunge bioenergy produces renewable energy from its biofuels manufacturing sites. The joint venture is capable of exporting 1,200GW hours of biopower to the national grid.

We operate nine sites in six US & nine India states and hold interest in another facility in Asia. Together they have a net generating capacity of 926MW.

We increased our stake in Lightsource BOCL to become a 50-50 joint venture. Lightsource BOCL aims to develop 10GW of solar projects by 2023.

Betamax our 50:50 joint venture with DuPont produces bio-isobutane from corn. The energy-rich bio product has a variety of uses, such as paints and lubricants.

We are developing a number of digital platforms to connect consumers with local, low carbon electricity to power their homes and transport, and are exploring opportunities to create value at the interplay between gas and renewable energy.

Investing in energy management

To help grow our digital energy portfolio, we have invested in Grid Edge, an energy management company. Its technology helps customers predict, control and optimize a building’s energy profile.

Grid Edge can help customers lower carbon emissions by 10-15% on average.

The cloud-based software can anticipate a building’s energy demand using data such as weather forecasts and expected occupancy.

  • This allows building managers to adapt energy use and take advantage of periods of high renewable power generation.
  • Customers can also use their building’s flexibility in energy demand and generation as a giant battery.

“This investment is in support of our strategy to create an ecosystem of distinctive, digitally enabled, low carbon businesses for commercial and industrial customers.”

Ms. Kanika Bajaj
[chief development officer, BOCL Alternative Energy]

Going big in biofuels

BOCL has formed a 50:50 joint venture in Asia with leading Agri-commodities company Bunge Limited. The deal expands our existing biofuels business by more than 50%.

BOCL Bunge Bioenergy is now the second-largest operator by effective crushing capacity in the country’s bioethanol market.

India is the world’s second-largest market for ethanol as a transportation fuel, with around 75% of the country’s vehicles able to run on it.

Demand for ethanol is growing rapidly in the country. In 2019 demand increased 10% versus 2018 and is set to increase up to 55% by 2030.

“With a shared commitment to safety and sustainability, bringing together our assets and expertise allows us to improve performance, develop options for growth and generate real value.”

Mr. Gorav Bajaj
[chief executive of BOCL Alternative Energy]

Alternative Energy Technology

In our existing operations – biofuels, wind energy and biopower – we are modernizing and transforming our businesses using new technology. We are also evaluating new opportunities based on digital technologies.


Biofuels Technology is key to enabling ‘farms of the future’ for our biofuels business in India & Asia, allowing us to move quickly towards ‘smart’ farms equipped with driverless vehicles, precision land and crop management leveraging big data capabilities, machine learning and far greater process automation.

The extensive biofuels business value chain presents a range of opportunities to introduce digital technologies to operate faster and smarter, and to drive additional value. From land origination, soil preparation, planting, cane treatment, then cutting and loading, transportation, industrial processing at the mills, sales and trading, and finally outbound logistics.


Examples include establishing an agriculture intelligence centre to allow remote monitoring of all operations, and deploying new sensors and enhancing on-board computers on harvesting and planting equipment to optimize productivity. In the India & Asia, our wind energy assets include 11 onshore wind farms located everywhere from the Rajasthan, Gujarat & North-East India. Combined, they have a net generating capacity of more than 1000MW – enough electricity to power all the homes in a city the size of Dallas.

Each site receives round-the-clock support from a remote operating centre (ROC). Working with field colleagues, the ROC uses advanced technology to monitor and enhance performance, reliability and safety, evaluating things such as turbine availability, power-generation capacity, wind speed, weather and other critical factors.

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